Those who make it all possible

As delicious as our chefs can cook and as spot-on as our service can be, without the team behind the scenes, there would be few people to ever experience it. Our office team consists of marketers, event managers, sales coordinators and many more talented people. Together, they work towards one goal: to bring as many people as possible together to eat, drink, dance and meet at our venues.


Our office is the place where you contribute to creating major events, where you help one of the best culinary teams in the Netherlands become even better and where you get the opportunity to share your vision.


Working at the Daalder Culinair office is…

  • Organising events for local and international organisations.
  • Shaping and launching new hospitality concepts.
  • Creating campaigns for some of the best restaurants in Amsterdam.
  • Organise catering for Cartier and Ajax a.o.
  • Co-design your own job description.
Wesley van Haeften

A club, a Michelin-starred restaurant, corporate events - at Daalder Culinair, it's all found under one roof.

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Daalder Culinair

Postjesweg 1

1057 DT Amsterdam


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