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The most important ingredient of Daalder Culinary? Our people. So we let them do the talking. In this case: we let them tell you about what their job entails. Meet Wesley, General Manager Daalder Culinair.

What exactly do you do as a General Manager?My role as the General Manager is all about tying up loose ends. I ensure smooth communication between different departments and make sure everyone has the necessary tools to perform their best.

So what are your main responsibilities?
Oh, it’s a bit of everything, really. I spend most of my time answering questions—around 100 a day. It’s like, ‘Hey, Wesley, what should I do with this?’ or ‘Wesley, how can I fix this?’ You know, it’s a big part of my day. By helping them, I make sure everyone can keep moving forward. I like handling things at various levels so people have fewer headaches, can focus on their work, and perform at their best.

And besides answering questions, what else do you do?
I also work a lot on improving the company’s structure. It’s essential to have clear responsibilities and an understanding of who is accountable for what. We’ve been actively working on this for the past few months, and as a result, we’ve been able to delegate additional responsibilities to several people within the group.

Why did you choose to work at Daalder Culinair?
Funny you ask! Before I applied here, I actually had two other job offers. I was struggling to decide which one to choose. Then I came across this vacancy at Daalder. I had dined at their restaurant before, which had become one of my absolute favourites. I didn’t know much about the group behind Daalder, but I thought, ‘Why not give it a shot?’ I immediately felt a great connection during my first interview, so I cancelled the other two job offers the next day. I didn’t even know if I had yet secured the position, but it felt right.

What makes working here so great?
It’s those moments when everything falls into place, and everyone can do what they need to do. It’s when I step onto the bustling terrace on a sunny summer day, walk into the fully booked Daalder, and then move to one of our event spaces, where the team sets up for an evening with 1400 guests. It’s just the best!

What are your ambitions for Daalder Culinair?
I want us to be the best in every aspect. The best restaurant. The best club. The best catering. To be the best B2B venue. And I don’t mean being the best in the eyes of the world; it’s about being the best within our vision.

Tell me something about the people who work here.
Our team is incredibly diverse, but it’s definitely a young team that’s full of energy. And that’s perfect because, at Daalder Culinair, you have plenty of opportunities for growth. If you’re eager, you can get ahead and grow quickly. The possibilities are there; you just have to take them. The individuals who thrive in this company tend to have an entrepreneurial mindset. That mentality works well here because you get a lot of freedom to shape your role and follow your own vision. Honestly, my ultimate dream is to interview someone who says, ‘You know what? I want your job.’ I think that would be amazing! Someone with that kind of ambition really does show that entrepreneurship.


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