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The most important ingredient of Daalder Culinary? Our people. So we let them do the talking. In this case: we let them tell you about what makes their job the best there is. Meet Tomasz, Sommelier Daalder* & Daalder Atelier.

Hey Tomasz! What’s your role here?
I’m currently the Restaurant Manager, but soon I’ll entirely focus on wines as the Sommelier.

So, what does a typical day look like for you?
Well, I start by waking up and grabbing a coffee. (laughs) Okay, all kidding aside. As the restaurant manager, I handle everything that comes our way throughout the day, along with Heleen. And as a sommelier, I manage our wine stock and curate the wine menu for Daalder Atelier and Daalder. I’ve been in the hospitality industry for 22 years, so I do what I do with passion and experience. You don’t stick with something for 22 years without love for it, right? It’s hard work and long days. But I genuinely love my job. In particular, here at Daalder Culinair. For the first time in my career, I found myself thinking: ‘Wow, I could work here for a long time.’

What makes Daalder Culinair different from others?
It’s an incredibly forward-thinking company, and the atmosphere is just fantastic. The team feels like family to me. It may sound a bit too deep for some, but that’s how it feels for me. I spend more time with these people than with my wife, Patricia. It’s the people who make this company what it is. We always go the extra mile for each other. It feels like home.

What do you particularly enjoy about working at Daalder Atelier?
It’s cosy and intimate. Unlike other restaurants, connecting personally with our guests in the atelier is much easier. Plus, we have Dennis working in the kitchen. As a sommelier, it’s a delight to collaborate with someone who has such an unparalleled palate. The way he works with flavours, balances them, and creates fantastic combinations—it’s truly remarkable. Dennis is a perfectionist who motivates you to give your best without ever raising his voice. He’s calm and down-to-earth.

How do you go about selecting your wines?
When people look at our wine list, they probably won’t see many familiar names. I strive to make intriguing choices by featuring wines from countries and climates that most of us are unfamiliar with. Romania, Bulgaria, Lebanon—you name it, we’ve got it. Of course, we also have some well-known wines on the menu, like a chardonnay, but when I include them, I prefer to source them from smaller producers. I’m a fan of working with female winemakers. Unfortunately, they still face disadvantages within the industry. And we’ve applied a similar approach to picking our whiskies.

Why do you think that’s important?When you taste Dennis’ food… you won’t find flavours like these anywhere else! Pairing his food with something you can buy at any regular store or wholesaler wouldn’t make sense.

What’s your ultimate goal?
To create the sexiest wine list in Amsterdam. That’s all! I want our wine menu to embody what makes wines so intriguing. Ideally, we’ll have bottles from every climate.

How do you share your knowledge with the team?I enjoy educating my colleagues about wines, encouraging them to think about flavours and pairings and develop an understanding. If a wine is corked, I never trough it out. I use it to teach others how to recognise the scent of a flawed wine. Your nose is your most powerful tool. Once you grasp what a wine’s aroma tells you, you don’t necessarily need to taste it to know if it’s good. My nose tells me everything I need to know.


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