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The most important ingredient of Daalder Culinary? Our people. So we let them do the talking. In this case: we let them tell you about what makes their job the best there is. Meet Merel, Assistant Manager Daalder*.

So, Merel, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do here.
Well, I do a bit of everything! (laughs) I’ve been the Assistant Manager here for the past year. My focus is ensuring the restaurant runs smoothly, along with Raoul. I make sure everyone knows their roles and where they need to be. It’s my job to ensure everyone has all the information they need to excel at their tasks.

What attracted you to Daalder and made you decide to apply?
I’ve always wanted to work at a Michelin-starred restaurant, so I applied to several places. But many of those restaurants can be a bit rigid and formal. That’s just not my style! At Daalder, we prioritise quality, but we also embrace individuality. You can be yourself here. There’s less of a barrier between us and the guests. And we have such diverse coming in!

In which way?
We get guests who dine at Michelin-starred restaurants every week, tourists looking for the top spots in town, and even diners who have saved up for months to celebrate a special occasion. It’s incredible to see this mix of people. Many of them appreciate that you don’t have to suit up here. They can be themselves while enjoying high-end food and service.

What makes your job so enjoyable?The variety! Every day is different from the last. One day, we’re handling a romantic Valentine’s dinner for hundreds of people; the next day, it’s an event like Edelwise. I also love the freedom the organisation gives us. We work on the idea of ‘Do what you’re best at! And if something needs improvement, we’ll let you know’. Daalder Culinair is growing rapidly, and I feel I can grow alongside the business.

What are your strengths in this role?I excel at organising. I make sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time, even when we’re a bit understaffed. It’s just what I do best! I believe in letting people shine by allowing them to focus on their talents, not their weaknesses.

What would you like to achieve here in the future?
I love the feeling of building something together as a team. It’s incredible to see us getting stronger and stronger every week. It would be amazing to work towards, maybe, a second Michelin star. But above all, I want to make our team even stronger than they are now.


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